Save Both Your Money and the Environment with KuniSmart Briquettes.

Save up to 30% on cooking energy with KuniSmart Briquettes. Let no more tree be cut, briquettes are Eco-friendly and renewable source of energy. They produce 10 times less carbondioxide than LPG and 50 times less than coal. Be a climate champion by using KuniSmart for your home, school and other institutions.

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Karibu Sana!

Higher thermal calorific value

Produces heat equal to B- grade coal. Full cubic meters of wood dried to 20% moisture are equal to a mere 960 kg of briquettes, in terms of calorific value.

Helps to reduce waste

Saves the environment from pollution; all other conventional fuels pollute the atmosphere. A tree saved is more than a tree grown.

Eco-friendly and renewable

Emit little smoke, no emissions into the environment, produces no sparks, and does not pop. Produces 10x less carbon dioxide than LPG and 50x less than coal.



No problems with using briquettes in existing appliances that were initially using wood. Can also be used with the traditional 3-stone cook stove.

Climate Awareness

Why You Should Switch to Briquettes

Saving Trees

It’s easier and less expensive to save a tree than to plant a tree. Our tree cover diminishes each minute, and that poses many threats such as droughts. The most convenient and sustainable source of fuel for all people is Briquettes.

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For Sanitation

Briquettes are made from biomass wates that would otherwise be dumped at municipal landfills and burnt. Using briquettes is keeping the environment clean from pollution.

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Saving the Planet

Ultimately, using briquettes will compound to the collective efforts of combating adverse effects of climate change. There is only one planet earth and you have the power to save it. Let no more tree being cut today. Start using briquettes.

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About Chabri Energy Ltd

CHABRI Energy Company Limited is a renewable energy production company based in Mwanza, Tanzania, specializing in the production of biomass briquettes. CHABRI Biomass Briquettes are made from agroforestry waste such as leaves, sawdust, wood shavings, rice husks, sugarcane bagasse, and all other available biomass. They are the most renewable and cost-efficient form of fuel, as they are more environmentally friendly and make use of organic waste that would otherwise end up in municipal landfills.

Located in Kisesa, Magu District of Mwanza Region, the company sources waste from the neighboring market and process it at their facility. We provides employment to more than 10 young mothers and boys from vulnerable backgrounds.

At present we have the capacity to produce between 3-4 tons in 10 working hours. Our target is to reach 10 tons per 24 hours. The selling price per ton ranges between Tsh350,000-500,000 per ton depending on where the customer is located. For those who wish to buy from 50 tons onwards, you are most welcome for discussions.

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